Review: Goddess Supreme Box by Love & Light Healing


Hello! This may not be what you expected from my first blog post on this new arts blog. I know, I know, you are expecting to read reviews of art shows and essays about art. I promise you, there will be lots of that too. But I am very excited to inaugurate my blog by giving big ups to two of my real-life artist friends, and recommending others support them. So, let’s get started…

Love & Light Healing launched their Goddess Subscription Box through CrateJoy, with the first box shipping this month. Their description reads:

The Goddess Box is a curated box of handmade jewelry, metaphysical tools, & natural skincare products created for the goddess in you! Our body care & apothecary items are made with all natural, organic, & ethically sourced ingredients. We also highlight a new artist each month from around the world. A portion of proceeds goes to a charity.
  • Mindfully sourced
  • high quality
  • holistic care
  • curated care

They offer two options. The $35 Goddess Box features “a piece of jewelry handmade by us from our line or from another artisan, body care products from our line, and metaphysical tools like crystals, incense, and other resources.” The $45 Supreme Goddess Box includes additional items. One of the things that I really appreciate about the Goddess Box is the creator’s commitment to supporting independent artists, which means she commissions (and pays for!) small items by artists/artisans to include in the box.* Not only is she directly supporting artists this way, but it offers those artists the opportunity for their work to be seen and owned by people who might not have otherwise known of them. Included in every box is sheet that explains the items and offers information about the featured artist.

The December 2017 Goddess Supreme Box is pictured above. It included:

2017-12-11 20.48.58

A 4oz bottle of Love & Light Healing’s Honey-So-Sweet Body Wash – As you can see from the ingredient list, it is all natural goodness, and it smells great too. My skin has never been softer.

2017-12-11 20.46.54

A bookmark created by Love & Light Healing. This photo shows you both sides. The front shows the moon phases, and the backside gives the dates and signs for the full moons and new moons of all of 2018. This is very handy because I read a lot and use just about anything as a bookmark, so it never hurts to have the real thing. But of course it is also very useful information as well. I have an app that I can check for the moon phase, but I am terrible at remembering what sign the moon is ever in!

2017-12-11 20.48.20

A box of Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back inspiration cards. The artwork Micaela Ezra and is beautiful. Watercolor designs with bright colors make the deck a pleasurable pick-me-up when you need to be reminded there is beauty in the world. The simple, short, inspirations may seem trite at first but often these are the very things we need to hear/be reminded of to get ourselves unstuck. I will be offering one card pulls from this deck to clients to accompany my intuitive tarot/inspiration readings.

2017-12-11 20.43.20

Finally, there was a good size chunk of Palo Santo, which the insert tells us is “‘Holy Wood’ Ethically sourced from Ecuador. It is used to cleanse your energy field/space. Highly Protective energetically. Burn like you would Sage. A little bit goes a long way.”

The large-bookmark sized original art is a moon phases print by an artist local to me, Sarah Sun. Sarah is an artist who works in printmaking and stitch/fiber work. She is also a tattoo apprentice who did a moon phases tattoo on my forearm. She is a fierce mama raising amazingly creative girls who also inspire me. This piece of art is a hand-pulled print on heavy fiber paper, signed and numbered as part of a limited edition of prints.

Last, there was a necklace made by Love & Light Healing as part of their jewelry line. This necklace features an amethyst chunk on a silver chain. Amethyst is one of my personal favorite stones and the insert reminds me that it is a “Crystal of protection and spiritual ascension. Connects with your Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras. Helps to develop spiritual and psychic abilities.” It’s also just plain pretty, and because it is so simply displayed it is perfect for everyday wear. It is lightweight and feels comfortable.

Overall there is about $60+ of product for $45, attractively packaged, shipped quickly, and supporting a Black/Queer business that provides high quality and ethical products. There are lots of “similar” options available on CrateJoy and the price point is about average, but looking at some of those other options I noticed questionable ethics from the use of appropriated racial slurs for the Rroma people by sellers who probably aren’t Rroma, to smaller and less substantial products for the same price. The owner is also available and very responsive if you have questions, concerns, or want more information about things in the box.


  • Interesting & Relevant – ♥♥♥♥♥
  • Useful Items – ♥♥♥♥♥
  • Quality – ♥♥♥♥♥
  • Price Point – ♥♥♥♥♥
  • Customer Service – ♥♥♥♥♥

* Full disclosure, I am one of the artists whose items will be included in a future month’s subscription box.